Our Services

Wes Cole Land Surveying, PA utilizes the latest surveying technologies such as robotic total stations, Global Positioning Systems, and CAD software.  While these tools allow us to increase our productivity and efficiency, it’s our dedication to our clients and the relationships we build that allow us to succeed.

Below are a list of services we can provide:

Topographical Surveys

Wes Cole Land Surveying specializes in providing a variety of surveying services to the Architectural and Engineering industries.  From topographical surveying for site design to long route surveys for roadway or utility design, we can assist you with all of your topographical surveying needs.  For large tracts of land (30+ acres) we contract with a photogrammetrist to provide aerial topographical surveys, providing ground control and aerial targets.

Boundary, Right of Way, and Easement Surveys

Do you need to know where you property corners or lines are?  Or do you need a survey for an upcoming closing?  Wes Cole Land Surveying provides boundary surveys for small or large tracts and can prepare plats of our survey for recording or just a simple report of survey if you only need your corners and lines marked.  We can also provide all mapping in color and your boundaries georeferenced and overlaid on current aerial imagery.

Subdivision and Recombination Surveys

We are able to provide major and minor subdivision surveys for residential and commercial projects.  Over the years we have developed working relationships with local planning departments and understand the requirements for major subdivision, minor subdivision, and recombination surveys.  We also have experience in planned community and mixed use developments.

Global Positioning System Surveys

Many local municipalities as well as NC state law require that certain types of surveys, like as-built surveys, be tied to the State Plane Coordinate System.  GPS allows us to accurately tie surveys to the State Plane Coordinate System and establish vertical controls to individual sites.  We utilize GPS on many projects to assist our clients in a variety of different surveying services.

Surveys for Stream Bank Restoration/Conservation

We have experience with over 6 miles of topographical and cross-sectioning surveys for Stream Bank Restoration design.  Along with design surveys we also have additional survey experience with many different types of conservation easements.

ALTA Land Title Surveys

We are familiar with the latest ALTA/ACSM standards and have completed ALTA surveys for a variety of different projects.

FEMA Flood Plain Surveys

Wes Cole, PLS is a Certified Floodplain Surveyor in North Carolina.  Within the state of North Carolina we can provide Fast Tracking on FEMA Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA).  For more information on the North Carolina Certified Floodplain Surveyor program please visit http://www.acsm.net/cfscert.html.  We can also provide Elevation Certificates.

Route Surveys

Wes Cole Land Surveying, PA has experience with over 6 miles of route surveys for sanitary sewer design for Metropolitan Sewerage District of Buncombe County, NC.  A route survey consist of location of topography, utilities, boundaries, rights of way/easements, trees, and providing survey control for the construction phase of the project.  In conjunction with the Route Survey we also provide easement plats for individual parcel owners for the purchase/acquisition of easements.  After construction is complete we also provide as-built surveys, providing the district with X,Y,Z coordinates for each new manhole and clean out as well as slopes of the new pipes.

Construction Staking

We can provide construction staking for a variety of construction projects.  Layout for commercial sites, utilities, residential housing, subdivision roads, mass grading, etc.

Monitoring Well Surveys

Wes Cole Land Surveying works with local Environmental Engineers in assisting them with surveying newly installed monitoring wells.  These surveys are usually tied to either the State Plane Coordinate System or another site specific datum and a mean sea level datum and are an as-built survey of the wells.